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Website ministry


Scripture: Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far land.  Proverbs 25: 25 ESV


The mission of the Website Ministry is to establish our church as a global presence by designing and maintaining a site on the World Wide Web.


  • To increase our ability to communicate the Good News about Jesus Christ and information about the activities of Corner Stone Missionary Baptist Church to members, families, and friends near and far;
  • To enhance communication efforts for the facilitation of positive relationships within and among the membership, with previous members, families, and friends of our church; and
  • To enhance church’s website design that includes visuals, sound, and motion of relevant church ministry activity (choir singing, selected sermons, church bulletins, visuals of ministries in action, etc.).


  • Paid website annual maintenance fee of $42.94 to Webs in February;
  • Maintained the church’s weekly Calendar of Events Page;
  • Updated Devotional Page to reflect daily Scriptures from Sunday School lessons;
  • Responded to positive comments directed to website concerning Site Design, Devotional Page content and membership requests from India, Japan, Nigeria;
  • Periodically, updated information on various website pages concerning ministry activities; and
  • Checked for and/or repaired any broken links on website.
  • Updated Ruth McRay Ministry’s webpage in June 2017.