Corner Stone Missionary Baptist Church Elizabeth City, NC 27909

A Place Where the Worship Experience is Inspirational, Informative, and Relevant for Living


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Reply OnosovKC
2:58 PM on August 1, 2019 
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Reply Rev. Herbert Thompson
11:32 AM on February 18, 2019 
Hello fellow laborers! This is Pastor Thompson from Waterloo, IA just checking your website out of curiosity. God bless you all!
Reply valismoth
4:04 AM on February 2, 2017 
Exceptionally well written! Thanks
Reply Iris Burch
6:42 PM on August 4, 2016 
Very impressive website, especially the devotional reading section. Keep up the great work.
Reply reader32
5:39 PM on July 21, 2016 
Rwanda Farrer says...
It's nice we have a website. I am still not able to access the "Members Only" section.

Have you registered?
Reply Rwanda Farrer
5:30 PM on May 30, 2016 
It's nice we have a website. I am still not able to access the "Members Only" section.
Reply Pastor.Ratna Kumar.Ongole
12:04 AM on February 13, 2016 
I am a pastor from India. I live in a small village and I have my own ministry with my fellow pastors, orphan home and churches. You are warm welcome to India to have your involvement in God's work if you are led by the Holy Spirit please feel free to respond for which I will be looking forward prayerfully. Sincerely in the Master's service Pastor.Ratna.Ongole.
Reply Benjamin Bankole
11:08 AM on September 26, 2015 

My name is Benjamin Bankole,I am a Nigerian residence in Burkina faso.I am asking for help in the name of God.My mother died in the year 1999 and my father died in the year 2010.And I suffered from a brain problem for five years.I thank God I am well now and I want to use this opportunity to worship and serve God who has make me well again.Since I came to Burkina faso about three months now,I have been sleeping in the street because I do not have the money to rent an apartment.But I know the Almighty God who was able to heal me of my brain sickness will also make a way for me to leave the street.I want you to help me become a missionary.I have been studying about missionaries and church planting on my own, and I feel it is time for me to ask for some help.I want you to help me become a missionary and I also need a personal computer for my online study.I do not have a personal computer the one I am using now is that of a cyber cafe,if I do not have the money to buy a ticket I will not be able to access my mail nor study.This is causing me some problem.Which ever help you can render to me,I will be very grateful.Help me and I know the Almighty God will greatly reward you for your contribution in making my becoming a missionary a reality.Thank you and God bless you.I hope to hear from you soon.

Reply Paris Delaney
1:20 AM on December 12, 2012 
I truly enjoyed the service! I am a student at Elizabeth City State University and I decided to attend one Sunday. It was great! I plan to go back soon when I get in touch with transportation, which will be soon!
Reply Richard Rodney
2:00 PM on September 4, 2012 
Nice updates to the page keep up the wonderful work.